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RedwoodsLiving Jazz was created in 1984 to ensure the survival of Jazz Camp West, now a world renowned jazz immersion program in music, vocals and dance held in a majestic natural setting far from city lights. Since then, an inspirational and thriving community of musicians from all skill levels and backgrounds has grown out of this unique and profoundly creative performing arts experience.

Since 1984, the enrollment at Jazz Camp West has quadrupled, with an expanding population of teens and adults from throughout the United States and around the world. With this expansion, we have received countless requests for a similar program for younger students.

With the encouragement of our supporters, we could not imagine a better way to further our mission of providing inspirational creative programs that leave a lasting mark on its participants, than launching our brand new youth program.

Living Jazz is an Oakland based non-profit corporation. Living Jazz has produced Jazz Camp West since 1984, created the Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir in 1986 and the Oakland Jazz Choir in 1992 (both now independent organizations), RhythmVoice in 1996; Jazz Camp Weekend in 1998; “In the Name of Love”, the Annual Musical Tribute Honoring Dr. Marin Luther King, Jr. in 2002; the Living Jazz Children’s Project (LJCP) in 2005, Jam Camp West in 2007; and Jazz Search West, the Bay Area’s Jazz Talent Search in 2010. In 2014, expanded the LJCP to include a rhythm component designed to further support the development of a young student’s musical foundation.