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friendsJAM Camp West is an exciting, creative and fun seven-day (6-night) music, dance and vocal program held in the stunning redwoods of Loma Mar, Northern CA (only 1 ½ hours drive from the Bay Area). Designed exclusively for 10-15 year olds, JAM Camp exposes kids to contemporary musical trends along with the cultural underpinnings of jazz. In addition, fun outdoor activities are held in a stunning natural environment.

A great alternate to traditional music camps, JAM Camp West is an inclusive, supportive program where classes are taught by ear, offering hands-on group experiences for all skill levels and an array of classes that can reach kids through a diverse blend of musical styles and sounds.

The program, which promotes awareness of the beautiful environment at Redwood Glen and designed for any skill level, is guaranteed to inspire great music and dance, friendships and life long memories. Kids do not need special talents or skills, only a sense of adventure and willingness to try.

Living Jazz believes that in order to attract teens with or without prior training, we must offer curriculum that reaches a diverse array of campers and incorporates contemporary sounds and rhythms. Offering classes with music and dance that youth can relate to, students are able to explore their own interests and follow their passion. This generates excitement and enthusiasm, which feeds the supportive and fun environment at camp and inspires campers to try new things and take risks.

All classes at Jam Camp are taught completely by ear and are accessible to participants whether or not they have had any previous formal training. Jam Camp is geared towards the process, not the outcome. Campers experience a supportive environment where they can try new things, gain inspiration to further their creative endeavors, and find access to mentors and teachers.

Jam Camp also offers a mentor program consisting of counselors and CIT’s who have a passion for music, desire to serve as inspiring mentors for our campers, and an interest in becoming a responsible and integral part of the Jam Camp experience.

The camp is held in the exquisite redwood forests of Loma Mar, California, 1 1/2 hours from the Bay Area. Music making and classes take place under the trees, and the wonder of the natural world is integrated into the program through nature hikes and other meaningful outdoor activities.

In this magnificent setting, we hope to provide a truly inspirational experience while building self-reliance, teamwork, a sense of social responsibility, and community with a potentially life-changing opportunity to reconnect with the natural world. Most importantly, we hope to share a joyful week with our growing Jam Camp West family.

We look forward to sharing this very special adventure with you!